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~Upcoming Events~
Some of the Class offerings, descriptions.
Intermediate...This class is a continuation of the basic obedience skills and an introduction to on-lead heeling, off-lead recalls and long stays.
Beginners...This class is for people new to obedience. This class will introduce you to basic obedience, the development of commands, including walking under control on leash, come, sit, down and stay.
Novice...This class is is for those who want to train for the AKC Companion Dog Title (CD), the first level of obedience competition. The skills learned in the Intermediate Class will apply in Novice and will become more refined with both on-lead and off-lead heeling.
Open/Utility...This class is a combination of Open exercises and Utility exercises.  Class is used to train for the Companion Dog Excellent Title (CDX), the second level of obedience competition, and the Utility Dog Title (UD), the third level of obedience competition.
Intro to Agility...This class in a general introduction to the sport of Agility.  Learn the basics of handling as well as starting some equipment.  We are limited by space and footing but it's a great base from which to build a great Agility team.
Nosework...A recreational offshoot of the training received by scent detection dogs (drug, explosives). It encourages your dog to use its natural instinct for picking up scents and locating the source. Ultimately, there are 4 locations for searching: containers, interior, exterior and vehicle. 
(Birch will be used in place of drugs or explosives)
Conformation...Training dog and handler for the conformation (breed) ring. We will learn ring patterns and rules.

Don't miss out on your chance to join us.
A set of six classes is $75.00.
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Spring 2021 Class Schedule...TBD
6:00-6:45 - Beginners - 
6:45-7:30 - Novice - 
7:30-8:15 - Open/Utl - 
Upcoming class dates;  

Classes are held at Canine Sports Unlimited
at ​351 Oriskany Boulevard in Whitesboro on Fri nights.

Classes are currently on pause due to covid.