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The Mohawk Valley Dog Training Club (MVDTC) is a not for profit, established in 1988 by a group of dog training enthusiasts in the greater Utica area, many of whom are still active within the club. Our purpose is to promote responsible dog ownership by training our dogs to be well behaved family members.

Our small club is extremely versatile and we currently have members training/competing in AKC, CPE, UKC, CKC and other venues as well.   Our member have also earned a wide range of titles: obedience from Beginner Novice thru Obedience Trial Champion, agility from Novice thru Master Agility Champion, rally obedience from Novice thru Rally Advanced Excellent, conformation thru Breed Champion, lure coursing thru Champion, tracking from Tracking Dog thru Champion Tracker, as well as members titling in weight pull and still others that train strictly as a hobby.  One of the most important jobs a dog can have is that of a Therapy Dog, and our club has several excellent examples who serve throughout the community.

Open to the public we hold several sets of training classes instructed by our members,  from fall thru spring. They are held at United Methodist Church on Genesee Street, across from New Hartford Shopping Center. Classes range from beginners thru utility and may include choices like rally and introduction to agility. Also open to the public, in the spring, is our obedience match and agility show-n-go.  Our club members enjoy a variety of gatherings during the year, as well as many member only benefits.

If you’re interested in joining us, we usually meet on the 4th Wednesday of each month, with several exceptions.  Most meetings are held at St. James Church in Clinton, NY at 7pm.    The meeting dates are on pause due to local covid restrictions.

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